A finger amputation at workplace: which compensation is understood as a deserving one?

Workplace injuries are counted by millions of cases but only few people get compensation to cover all expenses. There exist multiple examples.
For instance, Michael Brook attorneys were hired to protect the rights of 34-year old builder who had been injured due to the broken equipment. A brick fall from the upper lawyer and as a result a pointer finger had been amputated. The man is partially disabled because his occupation directly depends on physical work.
Speaking about the compensation, the employer together with the insurance company offered $26 000 but the man had rejected such offer and then called professional attorneys getting free consultation.
After a long-term negotiations between two parties and profound case analysis, the compensation of $136 000 had been obtained taking into account that the equipment was broken and the man is partially disabled needing costs for living.
That is an example of a reasonable solution. Professional legal assistance increased the compensation amount more than 5 times.