Advantages of mobile car detailing in comparison with the traditional car wash

Driving a car covered by mud and dust is so bad and harmful for your reputation and social status. At the same time auto owners rarely have enough time for visiting car wash. Fortunately there is a decision – order mobile car wash that is much more convenient and effective than traditional one.

At the first sight this service may seem strange because it intends using no water. Specialists remove mud and dust with the help of liquids. They are eco-friendly and are absolutely safe for both car surface and auto owner.

This service is so simple. You call managers and select one of several proposed packages that include a number of services. Then a specialist arrives to an indicated place at the chosen time. The result is brilliant.

You may also order additional services – e.g. interior detailing, windows cleaning, different details polishing and so on. Those services are included into various packages but pay attention that price and time of procedure providing depend on your choice.

The service of mobile car detailing may be provided one-timed or regularly.