Car wash service

It is obvious that from time to time a car needs cleaning for removing dust and mud from its surface. Traditional way of cleaning is using water with some additional washing agents but this technology is accessible only in special stations therefore it takes always much time to clean a car. Besides, from time to time additional services are demanded such as cleaning interior, windows, doors, etc.

Nowadays car wash service can be mobile. You are able just order a complex of necessary services and qualified specialists will arrive to your home and make a car clean and shining. This is possible because innovative technology of waterless wash. The specialists use no water, just special liquids that quickly and efficiently remove mud and dust.

Your car will be clean at time when it necessary. The procedure takes about 30 minutes therefore it is especially convenient for those people who are constantly busy or when an important event is ahead.

Car wash service includes also cleaning, dressing or polishing different components of your car. Ordering our services it will be so easy to keep your car clean