Importance of correct tile setting: the main stages of material laying

Tile has been always regarded as the most popular material for bathroom or kitchen decorating. Contemporary market offers diverse assortment of models that are scratches resistant, convenient in cleaning and rather durable but tile serving term directly depends on the quality of its setting therefore all works should be provided professionally.

Tile laying demands the following stages:

  •         previous material uninstalling;
  •         surface leveling;
  •         preparation for laying;
  •         setting new tile.

Each stage is extremely important, especially leveling. Equal surface covered by tile looks elegant but when there are some ups and downs all impression will be spoiled.

Only professionals should provide those works or people who had some experience in the sphere.

Through some period of time tile is being covered by stains, scratches, chops and other small or deep defects. Fortunately replacement is not the only decision. Tile reglazing helps hiding all defects. The service is much cheaper in comparison with replacement.