Popular limousines and peculiarities of car selection depending on occasion

Limousines are hired for special occasions, for business meetings or just because of being celebrity. This car was created for providing the highest level of comfort and making a ride the one of a dream.

Limo service near me may be easily found because companies offering limousines hiring are rather numerous. While selecting a car there appears a vital question: “Which limos are the most appropriate ones for a particular event?”

The most demanded limousines are Lincoln stretch limos whose history begins in the beginning of the XX century. Cadillac and Mercedes are also popular but their cost is much higher. When an occasion is celebrated with chic Hammer SUV limos may be noticed with capacity about 20 people.

The main criterion for selection is limousine capacity. Stretch limousines are intended for about 8-10 people. SUV or van models have capacity of 20 or even more people.

Limo service near me or in other locations allows selecting a car that perfectly matches your occasion. If necessary ask managers for advice.