Restoration of a bathtub appearance: effective and inexpensive way

Bathtub is a key point of every washroom therefore we select those elements extremely thoroughly taking into account all aspects. Over years our tub loses its attractiveness and most people chose replacement as the only possible decision.
In fact contemporary technologies allow enlarging the serving term of bathtubs for additional 5-10 years. They lie in bathtub reglazing that effectively hides all defects and helps to restore new condition.
Such service is gaining momentum and is offered in various methods that are rather effective. People get almost new bathtub with shining surface covered by white or other colors.
Reglazing should be obligatory provided by qualified specialists who apply special materials that are scratches- and water resistant. All process takes about 1-2 days depending on the complicity of work.
Nowadays reglazing may be regarded as perfect alternative to bathtubs replacement. It is much cheaper but not less effective. But apply only those companies where highly qualified specialists work.