Bathtub care: recommendations and precautions

Bathtub is undoubtedly regarded among the key elements of a house or of an apartment. Contemporary market offers numerous models: simple or multi functional, cheap or expensive therefore everyone is able to select the best variant both meeting personal preferences and matching washroom interior.

In order to exceed bathtub’s serving term one should follow several rules and recommendations concerning a tub’s surface care. They are the following:

  1.   A bathtub should be thoroughly cleaned after every using. In most cases showering off is enough but from time to time special agencies must be applied.
  2.   Remember that every surface (painted, acrylic, etc.) demands using particular agencies. E.g. aggressive chemical substances may damage acrylic surfaces.
  3.   When a tub is not used its surface should be dry. Thus check either faucets trickle or not.
  4.   It is not recommended to use a bathtub for doing the laundry.

Following those simple rules your tub will have been serving for a long time but nevertheless stains or scrapes are inevitable through years. When you notice the surface damages don’t replace a tub. Bathtub refinishing service solves the problem effectively.